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mom and babyWhy Nursing Blend?

By choosing to breastfeed your baby, you are making a strong commitment to your baby’s health. You are to be congratulated!

But, as many new moms quickly discover, breastfeeding is not always easy. In the first weeks after delivery, nursing moms often experience difficulty getting their babies to latch on to the breast properly, which can result in frustrating feedings for both mom and baby. Along with this frustration, moms may experience sore nipples and engorged breasts. Further complicating the situation, some moms struggle to maintain a sufficient milk supply, which causes worry about whether the baby is getting enough nourishment. All of this can turn breastfeeding into a very stressful and dissatisfying experience. With all of the demands that caring for a newborn brings, the last thing a nursing mom needs is more stress and worry.

Nursing Blend can help to make your breastfeeding experience more rewarding and successful. In addition to comprehensive vitamin and mineral support, Nursing Blend also contains several herbs that promote lactation, including fenugreek, fennel seed, coriander seed, and vervain. These herbs, called galactagogues, have been used for centuries to help women increase and maintain their supply of breast milk, which has helped to ensure that breastfeeding can continue for as long as mom and baby desire. Nursing Blend also contains chamomile and anise seed, which have calming effects for mom and baby.

With Nursing Blend, you can rest assured that you and your baby are getting the vitamin and nutritional support you need to be healthy. And, with the support of the herbal blend present in the formulation, you will reduce your worry about maintaining your supply of breast milk.


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Nursing Time Tea is the all-natural herbal tonic designed to help nursing mothers increase their milk flow and soothe digestive unease of both mother and baby.

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Nipple Nuture Balm is made from all-natural ingredients formulated to soothe, protect, and heal sore or cracked nipples experienced by nursing mothers.

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