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Nursing Blend Customer Testimonials

Nursing Blend was formulated by a leading MD and lactation specialist to help improve breast milk production. All success stories below are authentic and submitted by genuine Nursing Blend customers.

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nursing blend review

I originally purchased nursing blend because I wanted a vitamin that was specific to nursing women, with extra vitamin d, B, etc. I am pleased to report that it has other benefits, too, in the form of increased milk production. WOW!!! I'm happy about it, and I'm pretty sure my baby is a fan. - Laurie

Nursing Blendloved these vitamins. i was looking for something that would give me more energy since i am omitting coffee from my diet. i almost bought b12 vitamins until i saw these vitamins had a high amount of b12(more than normal prenatal vitamins) and in the beginning they really gave me the boost that i needed but after a couple of months i think my body got used to them and the boost that i previously felt had faded however i would still take them for the other great qualities that they obtain that you just cant get else where , def. think they helped with the quality and flow! ) but i did find the best way to really increase your flow is nursing your baby, i got used to pumping since i had to work so i think mainly just pumping didnt help with the flow but when i nursed my son i noticed the flow come back some, but if your body wants to ween naturally it will do so no matter what you do, i managed to make it 8 vcmonths though. - Christina, California

Nursing Blend ReviewI wish I had found this product with my first child. She had sensitivity to the cows protein, so formula was not an alternative. There was always a constant pressure to keep up my milk production. This product made a significant improvement in my milk producion not to mention the added value of the vitamins. I have tried the fennel Greek separately in an effort to increase milk production. I found it ineffective as the side affect of the headache and the maple scent was too much for me. This product has a unique blend that has the perfect balance of rich nutrients and steady rich milk production. I usually don't feel out survey, but this product is awesome that I feel compel to share this with all moms. - Leanh, California

Nursing Blend ReviewMy son was born weighing 9lbs 14 oz. Within the first couple days he had lost down to 9lbs 4 oz and proceeded to stay there for 2 weeks+. I was desperate to keep breastfeeding instead of just resorting to formula. We have supplemented him with 2 bottles of Soy formula but am taking him off of that as of today. The Dr told me that he had gained plenty and that I actually need to back him off of eating so much.
If it weren't for La Leche and the NURSING BLEND breastfeeding vitamins I am sure that my milk supply would have dried up by now and I would have to have a formula baby. I am so grateful for these vitamins and the quality and quantity of milk that I am now producing.

If you are having any concerns about your breastmilk having the proper nutrients and quality that your baby needs please try this supplement!!! It's well worth the money!!! This is coming from a single mother of 5 currently on FMLA and little income. This is just like my utility bills...something I know I have to get!!! - Dawn

don't really have a problem with low milk but saw this when searching breastfeeding vitamins. showed it to my nurse friend who said it would be perfect for me. so far, so good, glad i don't have to take all these vitamins separatly!- Viv

Nursing Blend ReviewI am a 41 year old mother of a 20 year old, 16 year old and a 3 month old. We tried for over 2 years to conceive. Following my second miscarriage I started taking fertile aid. I noticed a huge difference in my energy level and started losing weight during the firszt week of taking the fertile aid. And for the first time had regular menstrual cycles. Within 3 months I was pregnant. During my pregnancy I took your prenatal and DHA formula's. They were great - typical prenatal vitamins make me sick, but I had no ill effects from yours. I only gained 10 pounds during my pregnancy and gave birth in March 2010 to a healthy beautiful 8lb 8oz baby girl. I ordered your Nursing Blend and have been using it with great success. Baby Girl is now 3 months old and 16 lbs.

I have recommend your products to several friends. One of them was using the fertile aid following a tubal reversal and ectopic pregnancy and is now pregnant with twins due in december.

I really wish you had an every day formula for all women (ones not trying to concieve)- I loved the way I felt while I was taking the fertile aid - for the first time in years I really felt my hormones were in balance.

Thank you for a great product - Karen, Georgia

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